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PURO securing it´s financial position for the future


In Q3 PURO’s growth continued strong from previous year with 66% growth in Quarterly Recurring Revenue (QRR). This spurred our year-to-date turnover to 3,3 m eur, with an impressive 71% rate of growth from 2021.

PURO Finance sprinting ahead of 2022 growth targets


PURO´s second quarter proved our understanding to be right, invoice financing is a fast-growing form of financing among small and medium-sized companies. PURO´s growth in turnover in H1 was 77 % larger than compared to last year. What delighted us the most in H1 was our 92 % customer satisfaction. Our Net Promoter Score also improved, rising from 62 to 68.

Strong Q1 growth exceeding expectations


In Q1 PURO continued previous quarter’s surge in growth. Despite the traditionally low-season for invoice financing among SME customers, the total customer invoicing in Q1 topped Q4 record and was up 103% from Q1 2021. 84 new customers were onboarded, with a monthly record 37 in March, bringing the total number of customers over 600.

PURO’s surge breaking through border


2021 ended on a high note for PURO. Customer activity in November and December was surging and pushed us to meet most KPI targets for the year. Both the number of customers and top-line increased by 23% from previous quarter with especially the latter peaking in quarterly growth.

PURO and POP Bank Group to cooperate - PURO as product development partner for a new corporate finance product


The POP Bank Group has chosen PURO Finance Oy as its new product development partner and a cooperation agreement between the companies has been signed. The purpose of the cooperation is to develop financial services for POP Pankki's corporate customers with the help of PURO's technology.