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PURO people at your service

Janne Lehtimäki

Sales Director | Partner

Anne Torkkeli

Sales Director | Partner

Kari Kaivo-oja

Sales Director | Partner

Niklas Sohlberg

Head of Sales | Partner

Nathalie Strömberg

Marketing and Communications Manager

Tuomas Helle

CSO | Partner

Juho Sotamaa

Head of Business Development

Aili Moisa

Administrative Manager

Philip Keihäs

Customer Success Manager | Partner

Sari Strand-Korhonen

Customer Experience Manager | Partner

Junno Roine

CEO | Partner

Juho Väinölä


Olli Heilala

CIO | Partner

Jani Kajala

CTO | Partner

Tuan Van Bach

Senior Developer

Ville Heilala

Data Scientist