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Flexible financing smoothly integrated to your daily life

Invoice financing with no hidden fees. Speed, flexibility and easiness as you have always dreamt of.


Our Awesome Services are the
Reason You Should Choose PURO!

Invoice Financing

Best in class technical infrastructure for invoice financing. Onboarding within minutes.. Transparent pricing with no hidden fees.

No limitations

Our service is independent from your ERP platform. Also we do not rebuff you from service due to size, industry or age.

ERP Integration

With our selected ERP partners you’ll benefit from automatic ledger bookings and other perks.

Additional services

We also have partners for payment control and collection securing you will not miss a dime. Leasing and investment financing can also be catered for through our partner network.

How the PURO Solution Works?

Invoice financing or factoring is a flexible form of financing that quickly converts trade receivables into cash. By implementing the PURO Finance service, your company will receive money from the sales invoice to the account as soon as you send the invoice, regardless of when your customer pays the invoice.

The invoice financing is easy and quick to set up and you can send invoices the same way you used to. The service is suitable for companies of all sizes and industries.

Apply for credit, we check your eligibility and provide an offer in an instant.
Sign the agreement: Everything with us is digital, also the signature.
Use your existing ERP or invoicing system. We’ll pick-up the invoice and take care that the buyer receives it.
You can select which invoices are financed and which are not
We provide majority of the payment to your bank account immediately based on agreed advance rate.
We follow-up that your buyers pay the invoices and get back to you if there are any issues.
If you want, we can send you SMS-alerts on payments and received invoices.

Words from our Customers?

Everything works well and is easy – we haven’t had to put in an effort ourselves. Even the accounting firm has send positive feedback on accounting reports.

Cooperation is working well and quality of customer service is excellent. Our liquidity management has improved significantly

We switched from another finance company as PURO could offer financing also for projects. This secures us a steady cash flow

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PURO securing it´s financial position for the future


In Q3 PURO’s growth continued strong from previous year with 66% growth in Quarterly Recurring Revenue (QRR). This spurred our year-to-date turnover to 3,3 m eur, with an impressive 71% rate of growth from 2021.

Miksi korot ovat nousseet ja mitä se tarkoittaa?


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, here we aspire to be as flexible as you want. You can select the buyers of which all invoices are financed. Or if you want, you can also pick & choose each individual invoice to be financed.
If there are issues with your buyers payment, we agree with you how to go forward. Primarily we try to get hold of the buyer and sort it out organically. If that doesn’t help we can use more forceful measures e.g. a collection agency towards the buyer. PURO has several partners for payment control and collection and we can connect you with them from day on.
The cost for the service is determined based on each individual invoice, their face value (EUR) and their payment term. Therefore you will only pay for the service if you use it. E.g. for a 100 eur invoice with a 14-day payment term the agreed price could be 0,50% i.e. 50 cents. This covers everything and there are no additional surprise charges for the total service.
Yes, all B2B invoices can be financed though PURO irrespective of the jurisdiction of your buyer. Currently we only finance EUR invoices, so we do not cover any changes in FX valuation.
Currently we support only B2B invoicing, but stay tuned, this space might by updated any day now
PURO is “stream” in finnish. Finland and its nature is an inspiration to us and that’s why we celebrate it in our name and in our visuals. We also like to thing PURO service has the characteristics of a “stream” which you can read more in our Corporate Values under ‘About Us’

How can we help you?


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